About us


We are a dynamic company with already 35 years of experience in new and young used cars (from repossession and breach of contract leasing).
Christian and Serge Duyck (CSD) joined hands together with great passion and dynamism to ensure the best possible service, so our customers can rest assured!

We are your contact and at the same we continue to follow up each working phase, so that we always can provide detailed technical explanation to our customers.

In addition to our permanent stock of about 100 vehicles, we have unlimited access to a large database held by our loyal suppliers in Belgium and other EU countries.

This allows us to significantly improve delivery times and you can count on attractive terms.

As an independent company we are working on cost control and quality improvement. This allows our customers to enjoy an affordable service. Openness and reliability is a high priority.

Always with the focus on 'surprise' with that little extra and guiding the customer from purchase through maintenance. Clear agreements, a simple organization, transparency of billing, flexibility and communication between employee / client are of the essence.

We offer the benefits of a modern and smart garage where customers feel at home.

We specialize in offering a customized car that meets your needs!



In addition to selling and financing your dream car, we also take care of the its after-sale.

For both maintenance and repair we are daily at your service, so that you can continue to count on us after your purchase.

Outside the factory warranties on our cars, we also offer cars with a very comprehensive warranty program and 24 / 24h assistance.

At CSD MOTORS the customer is not a number!

DUYCK CHRISTIAN: purchase & sales and after-sales service
DUYCK SERGE: buying & selling and credit intermediation